Acido(edit) 06:14

SEX TAGS MANIA is a techno record label. The label has released the 12" PAUL 23 - love to/up track, and the label currently works with the release of DJ WOO & SOTTO VOCE vs CRYSTAL BOIS(12" released jan-feb 2005). ACIDO is working with music between techno and noise, ACIDO will be released onSEX TAGS MANIA later in 2005. The track ACIDO is presenting began as a techno song, but transformedinto a completely noise track with only fragments of the typical technosound.



Alexander Wendt
Liverpool circles 04:15(2004)

a recipe to the sound of urbanicity ingredients:
Some field recordings of liverpool
a max msp patch and a broken beethoven record

Alexander Wendt is a German/ London based artist. Wendt presents the Frequenzen radio program on Resonance 104.4FM. He runs the 12x50 Recordings label in London which is home to international artists and projects. More of his sounds can be found at the 8bitrecs sound gallery.

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Arnfinn Killingtveit
Nmmh 04:35
Helmet, cronic, discord 05:36

"Swamps Up Nostrils seems to appear as a project originating from Trondheim, Norway. It also seems to contain members, one of them perhaps a biped humanoid entity called Arnfinn Killingtveit. One can say it involves electronic elements, or atleast, some sort of sound processing through cirquitry of some sort (maybe found in acomputer). S.U.N. may appear as noise, ambient, d&b, techno, computermusik,microsound, circuitbending, broken electronica, field recordings, or any othermeaningless genre, relative to the observer."






Atle Selnes Nielsen
Feedbackphonium 01:18
Hydrokomp 01:42

Feedbackphones 2001 - 2004:

These machines are made from old amps and found objects. I play them with either piezo-mics or wires and flesh. I`ve done a collaborative project with composer Timothy Page, and the artists Halldòr Ulfarsson and Bødvar Jacobsson (video-feedback and sampling). Tim wrote a pieze for feedbackphonium, sampler, stringquartet and videofeedback. What goes around mp3

Picture1 and Picture 2

Feedbackphonium, Soloimpro recorded in Bergen, dec.03

Et hydrolologisk kompromiss 2002 - 2003:

This project started with the idea of making a playground/laboratory for sound in water. It ended with a kinetic soundsculpture/-installation. The machine has it`s certain internal implications, which put it into loops of motion and sound in endless variation… I do usually perform together with the machine. The components are found objects.

There are two glasspots with water. One with a speaker, the other with a mic (hydrophones). The water drip from the one with the speaker to the other. The drippingsound is amplified through the speaker. When theres no water left in the upper pot, the hole thing turn, the water go back and feedbacksounds appear.

Picture 1


Qi Shu Fang 06:36
Nogg 08:26

Roger H Smith (chefkirk) is currently residing in the State of North Carolina, U.S. He is represented on many cd-r productions from countries like; U.S., Canada, Poland, Japan, Norway and Denmark.



falgueta 03:40

"This track, originally called tree tops, belongs to that group of melodies I used on the falgueta mini-album. for some reason I don't remember I left it aside, and by the time the mini-album seemed to be complete the track just didn't want to join the rest"

For more please visit ailimaf.com


Fari Bradley
Sound 00:56

rural qawaali 03:14

Fari Bradley born in Iran raised in the UK, has just begun a career in radio. She writes poetry and this music is an extension of that. "Self portraits in sound are a very refreshing way to express oneself; revealing yet still a riddle"

Jan-M Iversen
Imwatedtracknew 08:21

Jan-M Iversen (Stavanger, Norway) is represented on different cd-r labels around the world.

He is running the cdr/ mp3 label TIBProd and has also done some project at origami republika.

Origami republika



Jonathan Berman
Beware the mindprobe 01:31
Birdo's Return 01:02

Jonathan Bermans sounds are edited and manipulated from his own recordings
or from generated sounds on a computer. Birdo is pronouced like in esperanto as
Beard-oh in the sound "Birdo's Return"



Jørgen Knudsen
Competition 04:49
Difficult 02:53

Jørgen Knudsen have composed music for Cart Blanche, Den Nationale Scene, BAK- Truppen, Riksteateret, Jo Strømgren Kompani, National Ballet du Rhin, Krautzman Dance, and more...

Har medvirket i BAK- Truppen siden starten i 1986, med en rekke forestillinger i inn og utland.


part 1 14:21

Kanagawa is Kevin, Tormod and Henrik. (Bergen)Rec. prod. mix + master by Isak at Knott StudioFeb2005


Kjetil Frøysaa
Fra: Kongen Taler 00:51

The sound source for this audio is from a speech of the Norwegian King.


los canales del televisor
yanrft 05:32

yanrft is the first track we made after 'del 1 al 6' and it determined the way we will later be working while making 'trasck 3 inches'. the song was made out of 2 different takes each of us made separately, and we never thought they could ever work out as 1. so this gave the track a totally new random/unexpected kind of feel.

For more please visit ailimaf.com

Lyd og Bilde
Sound 02:12


Miha Ciglar
link to project 1
link to project 2

Info: http://www.ciglar.mur.at/


Mondii w/Hiroshi Iwamoto
Water-Lily 03:19

contact: nao@spekk.net

This is a collaboration track made in November 2004 between Nao Sugimoto (alias Mondii) and Hiroshi Iwamoto who is an guitarist/composer based in south japan. The concept was to make an imaginary soundtrack for the great painter Claude Monet's masterpiece "Water-Lily". Hiroshi first sent me the basic track using just the acoustic guitar and i finalized it by adding electric guitars and digital treatments. My idea was to use his complete guitar phrases without any destruction (changed the EQ quite a bit though..) and transforming it to a different impression still following the original concept. I really enjoyed the collaboration as it was like painting the ripples of the pond. (mondii)

Discography of Nao Sugimoto and more info: spekk.net


Mipp Mipp Murra 04:21
Mytteri 05:37


Tom Thode
mp3 a 07:17

This is part of a larger found sound project I've been working on with another sound artist, Jaime Valenzuela, using sound gathered from around Albuquerque plus little skits we did and sounds off the radio.

Twisted Krister
Kapteenin loki 03:11
Surista aivoista 02:14

TWISTED KRISTER's debut e.p. ”Matkalippu Utopiaan” (A Ticket To Utopia) contains spoken recital on modern topics backed with electric loops. Also included are three instrumental tracks.

Twisted Krister is, in his own words, a ”totally un-funky person”. So don't be mistaken: though his appreciation for hip hop is great, this is not rap. Instead one can hear the charming rigidity of European electronics and the contemplative intensity of experimental rock in his white man's blues.

Combined with Krister's multi-levelled lyrics this music might find itself somewhere between spoken word and danceable electro-shocks.

Pacific-Atlantic Records:



Wolfgang Menzel
Longstring sample01 04:10
Longstring sample02 00:53

These pieces are beginnings of investigations about string sounds. I recorded string vibrations by with my little minidisc and some really simple microphones, adapting them to the strings directly ( notice that I really appriciate simple equipment - it´s cheap and can be replaced by a dime ). After the recording the work begins, transforming, sampling and hundreds of listenings and corrections. Not technically in the first space but "musically " I give a shit for a little unwished noise here or there if it is not obvious being a distortional one disturbing the whole thing. I went out into parks and beaches of smaller lakes to make these recordings.

The string material can be fishing lines or wire, everything with good vibration capacity is welcome. I even went indoor, butit´s more fun to be more roomless because of the feeling perhaps. These pieces are no traditional electroacoustic compositions, they are more like paintings and one should prefer to listen to them like acoustic paintings more than musical pieces.