Rumpelkammer - Longstring:

01 Dawn 06:53

02 Day 08:18

03 Eve 05:38

04 Live 08:31(performance)

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RUMPELKAMMER (aka Wolfgang)

This longstring project has been going on for one year now and is still vibrating. It does not need any instrument, one string is a music instrument by itself. Outdoors, tensed between trees or whatever- soundreflections will arise from it by the slightest tuch of a hand or the wind.

This wave architecture is threedementional, neverending resonance, from the early morning until late night: zeromotion.

Wolfgang Menzel

From Fabulat Archive:

Investigations about string sounds. I recorded string vibrations with my little minidisc and some really simple microphones, adapting them to the strings directly ( notice that I really appriciate simple equipment - it´s cheap and can be replaced by a dime ). After the recording the work begins, transforming, sampling and hundreds of listenings and corrections. Not technically in the first space but "musically " I give a shit for a little unwished noise here or there if it is not obvious being a distortional one disturbing the whole thing. I went out into parks and beaches of smaller lakes to make these recordings.

The string material can be fishing lines or wire, everything with good vibration capacity is welcome. I even went indoor, butit´s more fun to be more roomless because of the feeling perhaps. These pieces are no traditional electroacoustic compositions, they are more like paintings and one should prefer to listen to them like acoustic paintings more than musical pieces.


Some of W.Menzel's activity:

2005 Wolfgang Menzel - Longstring: Net-EP at Fabulat

2004 STRING VARIATION 1 in program 367 (issue 367) (Germany)

2004 Spanska syrsor (USA)

2004 Utställning: Position Östergötland, Passagen, Linköping

2004 BEGINNING, film / sound (wmv-fil 2 624 KB)

2004 A BROKEN CONCERT, 6 min 50 sek elektroakustisk music

Sandlådan, Linköping

2003 uruppförande av Energy Playing Mills i New Hampshire, USA

2003 ursändning av klangcollaget ORLUNDA WAVES, Deutschlandradio Berlin

2001-2002 AlfaOmega. Skulptur i rostfritt stål utanför Linköpings bibliotek

2001/2002 Produktion av ljud-CDn Berlin soundtales
S. Becketts brevlåda (Galleri Skådebanan, Linköping), installation

1999 TECKEN. Målningar i S:t Larskyrkans bildrum. Linköping
SLAGET. Utomhusskulptur. Järn/betong. Linköping

Måleri och objekt. Östergötlands läns museum

1993 PACEMAKER. Installation i Konsert & Kongress
Galleri K. Linköping
Fotografi, ljud och videofilm

1991 Start av Alka-magasinet, med Christer Fällman, Linköping
DÖD OCH LUST. Fotografiska bilder. Stenhusgården

1989 Fotografier. Biblioteket i Kisa

1986 Planket. Fotografier. Linköping.
Porträttbilder på Arbis. Linköping

1985 Planket. Fotografier. Linköping

1984 Almanacka med diverse yrkesporträtt. Folket i Bild. Norrköping.

1983 Fotografier. Konstforum. Norrköping

1969 DUBBELFÖNSTER. Dikter, med teckningar av E. Volland.
Galleri Am Abend. Berlin

1963 Parkutställning med akvareller och teckningar. Wilhelmshaven,Tyskland
Skolutställning. Teckningar. Wilhelmshaven

Born in Wilhelmshaven, Tyskland.

Moved to Sweden in 1974, Norrköping och Linköping.

Member of:
ALKA konstnärsförening, 1991
d-house, 1999