01: Marasma 04:54

02: Hope 07:35

03: Untitled 01:32

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Simon Longo [DITHERNOISE] / Davide Tidoni

The initial idea for this work came out from experimentation with synaesthesia, and the possibilities to render the effect of a sound sculpture made of synaesthetic colours and shapes. The work was essentially programmed for a live gig, and its unique performance took place only once during a night organised to raise founds pro tsunami victims.My attempt during the performance has been to symbolise the immense destructive and disharmonic tsunami's wave, and at the same time the seed for reconstruction and hope embedded in it.
This adaptation of the live performance to the recorded media also expand the meaning of the work to the issue of human activity, environmental impact, nature and its energy.This work was suggested to me by "Marasma" work for drum and gamelan by davide tidoni (used with permission)."This work is part of the tsunami virtual memorial