Swamps Up Nostrils - 30.13

01 - Yuan Hausspatzen

02 - Nesh Ichor

03 - Splintermission

04 - One thousand million electro volts

05 - Medicatering

06 - Futurbulence

07 - Asteroid mine

08 - Nonlinear observation of cassinis descent

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Cover2 (jpeg format)

From Fabulat archive:

"Swamps Up Nostrils seems to appear as a project originating from Trondheim, Norway. It also seems to contain members, one of them perhaps a biped humanoid entity called Arnfinn Killingtveit. One can say it involves electronic elements, or at least, some sort of sound processing through cirquitry of some sort (maybe found in a computer). S.U.N. may appear as noise, ambient, d&b, techno, computermusik, microsound, circuitbending, broken electronica, field recordings, or any other meaningless genre, relative to the observer."