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Download the mp3 release for free! Just go to the release page: FABULAT MUSIC is owned by the Norwegian artist Arne Bakke ( oppdated des 2009


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We want to release your music
Do you work with experimental, alternative, electronic music or working with experimental sound projects? Send it to! We are currently looking after interesting and good projects to release at

This is how you do it:
You can use this form: download form. Or you can follow the instructions below:
Burn a data CD with:
1 The music in mp3 format. We prefer 4 tracks EP release (max 45 minutes of music and 70 MB).  (burn it like a data cd)
2 Include a jpeg picture that will be the cover photo for your release. (150 x 150 px)
3Include a word document with the following information:
- Title of band/ artist
- Title of release
- 100 -150 words about your music/ release
- Title for each track, and length/ size
- Contact information (specify if you don’t want your contact information published at

Send it to: Fabulat, c/o Arne Bakke, Vollaveien 39c, 5261 Indre Arna, Norway