Thomas Aslaksen

"Minimalism was the keyword in the prosess of making this EP. But sometimes beautiful harmonies lure it`s way too the surface. It was created as a simulation of my refrigerator, which keeps me awake every night. And by keeping me awake, i`m forced to create! The songs are made strictly on a computer. No external sounds are used. I`ve been creating this kind of music for a couple of years now, but i`ve recently been introduced too new ways of forming sounds, which have pushed my music in new directions. I use Audiomulch and other wav editing programs."


Rumpelkammer - EX TRASHES

....BERLINSOUND:a work from maybe a couple of years ago, obviously different from my other work - but I like to play with sounds even.I lived about six years in Berlin ( 1968 -1974 ). Some kind of memory...

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Swamps Up Nostrils - 30.13

Text from Fabulat archive: "Swamps Up Nostrils seems to appear as a project originating from Trondheim, Norway. It also seems to contain members, one of them perhaps a biped humanoid entity called Arnfinn Killingtveit. One can say it involves electronic elements, or at least, some sort of sound processing through cirquitry of some sort (maybe found in a computer). S.U.N. may appear as noise, ambient, d&b, techno, computermusik, microsound, circuitbending, broken electronica, field recordings, or any other meaningless genre, relative to the observer."

Simon Longo - Tsunami://M/H

Simon Longo [DITHERNOISE] / Davide Tidoni:"The initial idea for this work came out from experimentation with synaesthesia, and the possibilities to render the effect of a sound sculpture made of synaesthetic colours and shapes. The work was essentially programmed for a live gig, and its unique performance took place only once during a night organised to raise founds pro tsunami victims.My attempt during the performance has been to symbolise the immense destructive and disharmonic tsunami's wave, and at the same time the seed for reconstruction and hope embedded in it"


Wolfgang Menzel: "This longstring project has been going on for one year now and is still vibrating. It does not need any instrument, one string is a music instrument by itself. Outdoors, tensed between trees or whatever- soundreflections will arise from it by the slightest tuch of a hand or the wind. This wave architecture is threedementional, neverending resonance, from the early morning until late night: zeromotion"


Arne Bakke - Indz
Arne Bakke - memento vivorum